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    Answer all these questions and you should have a fully-developed character for your audience to connect with.
    A strong character can carry a weak plot; but a strong plot can’t carry weak characters





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  3. masterpost for writers creating their own worlds, or even just characters

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  5. Surnames Master Post.

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    so heres a list compiling what i have in my likes, my bookmarks and my reference tag

    it took me four hours so you guys better reblog it

    hair tutorials:

    makeup tips:

    writing tips:

    fantastic clothes and where to find them:

    fandom things:


    art tutorials/tips:

    how to be healthy:


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    I LOVE RuffleButt Cosplay more than I can explain… Check out her tutorial on how to use Horse Hair Braid for CLAMP style ruffles

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    Another splendid fuck-ton of clothing references (per request).

    Someone scanned this from a book called “Drawing Yaoi.”

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    click here for full resolution!!

    alrighty here’s my guide to drawing eye makeup! hope y’all find it useful and stay tuned for a guide to drawing lipstick ovo

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    patch guide (mostly just a tip for doing letters and harder shapes or w/e)

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    Sorry for the really long post, I wanted to make sure I could get as much as I could in there. I saw these lovely posts and saw they all used to the same sites I do. So I combined theres, with some of mine that I love to use. I also added food, in here because I know I’m lazy so I thought you guys might appreciate it.

    Converting websites:

    Daily Use:

    Fashion, makeup, hair:

    Food in under 10 minutes:

    Helpful for school (lots of writing tips):

    Helpful websites:

    How To: 

    Life Tips:





    Tumblr help:

    When you are bored:

    When you are sad: 


    Hope these help you guys through out the year. Have a great year. :)

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